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Portal 2 Collectors Edition Soundtrack | ASEMBLE

Portal 2 – Songs To Test By “Collector’s Edition”


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The other day I was browsing the Ipecac Recordings website, (as I often do), when this showed up.

“What is it?”, you may ask…  As of now, all that we know is that it’s a “Collector’s Edition” of the soundtrack for Portal 2, and is scheduled to be released on October 30th.

Now you may ask yourself, “What correlates the soundtrack of Portal 2 with Ipecac Recordings”?

I think it may have stemmed from Mike Patton’s earlier collaberation with Valve.
Mike Patton is not only an accomplished musician that partnered with a fellow of his to form the record label, “Ipecac Recordings” (in the year 1999); he also created the vocal sounds of ‘The Infected’ in Left 4 Dead; (you may have also noticed some of those same sounds coming from the Anger Shpere in Portal).  Ipecac Recordings is a record label known for some of their unique bands and musicians that like to expand the envelope.  On top of that, they always do a fine job with the artwork and packaging that encase their musical releases.
I’m guessing this Collector’s Edition is a version of the soundtrack on vinyl with great artwork on the record itself…  Only time will tell.


Download the “Songs to Test By” Soundtrack:

UPDATE (9/5): travislopes on reddit contacted Ipecac Recordings, seems like the Collectors Edition will be released on CD and Digital initially, but in the future there might be a Vinyl release. - Source:

- Zbot

UPDATE (9/29): This Collector’s edition will consist of 4 CD’s.  Three of the discs will be the same collection of songs available that you can already download.  The 4th CD will contain 13 songs from the original Portal soundtrack, (previously unreleased).  This Collector’s Edition will also come with the mini-comic Turret Lullaby.  (Here’s the link for the digital version of the comic:

UPDATE (10/20/12) :  “Portal 2: Songs To Test By”, is now available for the pre-ordering. -

Also, “What’s in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box?” –



UPDATE (10/30/12) :  Release Day!

From the Ipecac Recordings website:

“Gamers, rejoice!

Oct. 30, 2012

Last year our friends at Valve, the creators of some of the best videogames in the world, called us. They said that diehard Portal fans had been clamoring for a compilation of the music from the Portal games. Well, as fate would have it, we are gamers too! Voila! A 4-disc set of more Portal music than you will find anywhere and a nifty, top secret bonus too! This is beyond a stocking stuffer, the Portal 2: Songs to Test By soundtrack is a gamer/music fans dream! Play on, we say!!!!!!”

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